There were a lot of seasoned travelers

The rise of many infectious diseases and other threats to human health depends in large part on the local climate. Global warming, the progressive and gradual warming of the earth’s surface temperature, is the most worrisome effect of climate change. Each year, in a number of places across the world, drought and high temperatures negatively affect water supplies and crops.

Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite? While most people would rather find a way to obliterate them rather than learn about them, finding out all you can about mosquitoes will help you to stay protected. Sadly, there is no way to rid these pests from the earth, though you can keep them away from your skin with the proper repellent.

You’ve saved up some hard earned cash and are ready to hit the road. If you don’t have a firm destination in mind, you’ll inevitably find yourself sitting in a bookstore somewhere reading travel guides. Regardless of the brand, you usually get an overview of the destination and particular areas recommend by the author. Hotels, restaurants and so forth will also be set forth. This is particularly good for such establishments as they often can raise their prices above anyone else in the area!

There were a lot of seasoned travelers around and so tips on repelling insect bites were in abundance. Some carried remedies for soothing the irritation of bites which included the world famous calamine lotion. More savvy conscious travelers used baking sodas. One guy pointed out that if you don’t relieve an irritating bite, you will find yourself scratching it and that could aggravate it more.

It might sound a bit exaggerated, but you need to see the other side of the fence. As long as you train yourself, your family and your pet on how to deal with this abundance of mother nature so close to your doorstep, a tropical garden can be wonderful. Follow the advice of your maid and gardener as they are used to this world from early years onwards and have the clear advantage of being trained to survive in the tropical world.

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